About Travel-Tot

The birth of Travel-Tot followed a trip I took with my husband and two small children. We have always loved to travel and continued to vacation after we started having children. Unfortunately, the more mobile and curious my children became, the more stressful our stays became. Although our hotel rooms were beautifully appointed and convenient for my husband and me, they did not address basic safety concerns for our two active children.

The second element that led to our Travel-Tot concept was the realization that although I was an expert child proofer at home, all that safety and peace of mind disappeared whenever we traveled. I am a member of the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) and actively assist other families in creating a safe environment for small children. After a stay at a particularly non-child-safe hotel, I decided that it was necessary to travel with our own childproofing materials. It started as a gallon sized re-sealable bag. The elements of the kit evolved from a combination of frequent travel and childproofing education through the International Association for Child Safety. The big innovation is using the 3M temporary adhesives, so that these pieces can be placed on furniture and be removed without any damage. Many adhesives claim to be temporary, but they are far from being temporary and certainly are not non-damaging. After a few trips, I had honed and perfected the portable, temporary childproofing kit. When we realized there was nothing like it already being sold, my husband connected the dots and realized that we had a product that other families might really benefit from using.

The Travel-Tot childproof kit is geared for anyone traveling with small children or has small children visiting. When I was developing the kit, I would throw it in my suitcase whenever we traveled. I did not always use every single item, but I was traveling with a little more peace of mind. Of course, I was not any less vigilant, but I was more relaxed. And I do not know anyone who travels with their children who is not looking for a little less stress!

- Wendy Bergstrand, COO, Travel-Tot, LLC

about the kit

Travel-Tot provides families with an easy, temporary, non-damaging way to childproof hotel rooms, motel rooms, even grandma’s house!

Our product is designed to be easily portable and convenient. All items requiring application are fastened with non-damaging adhesive strips provided in the kit.

Components require no tools and can be installed in about 5 minutes; they go on strong, and come off clean! Just follow the enclosed directions.

Items included in the kit are: finger pinch guard, electrical outlet plug covers, foam corner guards, door knob cover, cord wind-up, sliding door lock, cabinet lock, multi-purpose straps, water thermometer, bandages, forehead thermometer, and “shhh, Travel-Tot sleeping” door hanger.

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