"This kit is GENIUS, and I am kicking my self and wondering why I did not think of it first! I know that having this kit with us on all of our jaunts would really ease my mind when it comes to relaxing at the hotel!"

"This will be perfect for our upcoming West Coast vacation!"

"I need this for my sister inlaws house, that place of an accident waiting to happen!"

"I will be using this in Ft. Lauderdale, Cumberland Island, Atlanta, Minneapolis, so many places!!! Our little one is into everything."

"I would keep this in the back of my car. I have been a million places the last few weeks. This kit would have saved me some stress!"

"I would take a Travel-Tot kit with me on our upcoming vacation. We are heading to YellowStone National Park and staying in a hotel for almost a week!"

"visiting either set of grandparents is difficult because neither house is very baby-proofed. So this would be very helpful!"


Travel-Tot's Survival Guide to Traveling with Babies and Toddlers - eBook

At Travel-Tot we say, “We go, so we know!” And we know that sometimes the hardest part of getting started is knowing where to begin. This guide was designed to help take the guess work out of preparing for your child’s first adventures away from home.

Form Object

Emergency Information Form

One of the most basic things you can do to keep your children safe is to create a comprehensive listing of all medical and emergency contact information. Print multiple copies so that you can post one on your refrigerator at home, pack one in your wallet for whenever you go out, and provide a copy to each of your children's caregivers (i.e. pre-school, after care, relatives, etc.) Click here to download the pdf.

Emergency Contact Sticker for Infant Seat

Travel-Tot loves this tip submitted by a longtime friend and nurse: Put a label with emergency contact info on bucket car seats in case you are ever in an accident with your infant. That way a loved one can be called to take care of your child rather than social services in the event that you are incapacitated. Click here to download the pdf template. This sticker fits on a standard 2"x4" address label.

Hotel Childproofing Checklist

Countless children are injured during hotel stays each year, often because most hotel rooms lack even basic childproofing measures.  Travel-Tot’s Hotel Childproofing Checklist provides easy step-by-step instruction for creating a safer, more child-friendly space; the fifteen minutes it takes to child-proof your home-away-from-home could be the difference between a fun-filled day of frolicking and spending your precious vacation time in an Emergency Room! Click here to download the pdf template.